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Finally doing it | Medilogy
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Finally doing it

Must..click...add new..

Well…it was some work, moving the mouse from the middle of the screen to the “Add New Post” button, and the hardest is still to come.  October 20, 2009, that was the last time a post was written for the blog, and now here I am scrounging down in the deepest corners of my brain for something to write.  For the past few months I’ve been reading a lot:  fantasy, thrillers, classics, medical books, journals, and currently Siddhartha Mukherjee’s biography on cancer.  One thing that I haven’t been doing though is writing enough, aside from the everyday college essay that I bring together through the aid of multiple sources, I’ve written…nothing.  With this first post, old rusty gears somewhere in my head are starting to turn again, and hopefully will continue to grind for the next few months and years.  This ‘first’ post is kind of like the first time…actually the many times (for some of us at least), that you see the same beautiful woman over and over..yet are unable to speak to her.  Everyday you contemplate how you will approach her, what you will say, the clothes you’ll wear so that in the end you can execute your plans smoother than Seal Team 6.  Well almost everyday I open this same page, write a sentence, delete it, go to sleep and push the task off to the next day, until now, and I give a hell lot of credit to James Altucher.  This post may not be perfect, as a matter of fact is probably full of mistakes, but improvements can’t be made without practice.

So where are we headed to?

Well even I’m not too sure about the answer to that question.  The blog has undergone two full iterations now.  The first time it was rather personal with some very random posts.  After that I expanded the blog and made it oriented around delivering health related news.  Every week we added multiple articles related to various medical/pharmaceutical topics.  There are much larger organizations doing that and more efficiently, WebMD, to name one.  So what now?

Everyday I think about the previous day realizing how much I didn’t know then but do now.  I think about the vasts amounts of knowledge available.  I think about the even greater amount of ignorance that surrounds us, and how whether knowingly or unknowingly we sometimes add to this ignorance.  I think about the warfare constantly taking place around the world and the communities of poor in almost every city that could benefit greatly from the money spent on each and every bullet fired in one of these wars.  And damn do I have a strong opinion on all this, so why not share it.  That’s the first goal of my blog, unlike the past, instead of writing posts on random bits of news why not throw in a little opinion. And luckily, the sciences and medicine are always evolving so as I try to keep up with intriguing topics I’ll be sure to share the knowledge.  I remember during organic chemistry, there were questions I had that no website answered clearly.  It was very frustrating, well I hope to post about those kinds of topics as I learn about them also.

So whats the Medilogy looking like now?  News with some opinion, sharing what little I know on medicine and beyond, along with a blog where I’ll tell it all, with 100% honesty, something I’ve learned once more from Mr. Altucher.

See you in the next post, where things get real.

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