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Teachers get ‘High’ Unknowingly | Medilogy
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Teachers get ‘High’ Unknowingly

When a group of preschool teachers in Los Angeles began to feel giddiness, mood changes, and an intense surge of hunger after eating freshly baked brownies health investigators knew it wasn’t a case of food poisoning.  All this happened when one of the teachers bought homemade brownies from what she believed to be a ‘church’ bake sale and shared them with her son and colleagues at work.

Within 90 minutes five of the teachers became ill and reported symptoms to authorities.  The brownies tested positive for cannabinoids and after seeking medical advice two of the teachers were also tested positive for THC, an active substance in marijuana.

“They didn’t know they were eating pot brownies, so it’s not the same symptoms as someone who deliberately ate them at a party and got high,” Ms. Fogleman, one of the teachers reported.

The teachers eventually recovered and the sidewalk vendor also disappeared after making a meager $1.50 for each brownie.

…wonder how the teacher didn’t realize she was buying a stash of ‘special’ brownies.

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