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Gecko inspired Surgical Tape | Medilogy
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Gecko inspired Surgical Tape

MIT Gecko inspired bandageA team led by MIT Professor Robert Langer and Jeff Karp, created an adhesive tape that could become an important tool for surgeons in the near future.  The tape could serve as a replacement for staples or sutures in surgical processes as it is both biodegradable and can stick in wet environments without to much trouble.  Problems previous tapes had involved their ability to to expand and contract with the muscles or organs they were applied to or their inability to stick in wet environments, however, this new surgical tape could solve these problems to some extent.  Another important aspect of this tape is that it does not produce dangerous toxins as it slowly dissolves while the wound or incisions heal.  The tape can be used to patch holes such as those caused by ulcers, or even wrap around intestines in gastric bypass procedures.

Silicon AdhesiveNow where do the geckos come in? Well the tape uses Gecko skin to…JK. Actually the team followed the design principle the Gecko’s feet. The surface of the tape has nanoscale bumps that give the tape a few advantages, and over this is a layer of glue, created by biodegradable sugars, that allows it to stick in wet environments.  The ridges in the tape were created by the same engine used to create microchips. The product has been tested on pig intestines and proved to work very efficiently. This product could become a great tool in the future for surgeons as it will allow them to insert the tape on small incisions where suture would be extremely difficult.

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