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The Goal | Medilogy
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The Goal

Medilogy 3.0 ?

Well the website has reached its third iteration as I like to call it.  A bit more personalized from what was attempted earlier.  Feel free to read here for a bit more on that.


So what is Medilogy headed for in the future?  Well, the truth is even we don’t have a simple answer for that question.  The site started out a as a personal blog, however, that didn’t serve our needs, nor was it anything close to what we wanted to provide for the online community.  We then began to study the flow of information in the new Health 2.0 revolution and decided to start what we now call Medilogy 2.0.  Before getting started on the motives behind Medilogy 2.0, a little information on Health 2.0 is of importance.

What is Health 2.0

Okay, what exactly is Health 2.0?  It is the spread of health related information in a patient centric environment.  It is where we, the users, can make a difference, and by helping ourselves we help others.  According to Wikipedia it is:

the use of a specific set of Web tools (blogs, Podcasts, tagging, search, wikis, etc) by actors in health care including doctors, patients, and scientists, using principles of open source and generation of content by users, and the power of networks in order to personalize health care, collaborate, and promote health education.

Around 1/3 of the American population has reported using online resources before consulting a doctor.  Just a few years ago that wasn’t possible.  The easy accessibility and spread of Web 2.0 tools including blogs, wikis, and forums has helped doctors and patients alike come together on the world wide web.  Today there is a large revolution being lead by doctors and patients alike to further the tools and information provided by Health 2.0.  One example is Health2Con.com, an insightful database of conferences, videos, and information regarding the topic.

Medilogy 2.0

And thats where Medilogy plays its part.  Our primary goal as mentioned earlier is to become a gateway for users to find solutions to their problems, and answers to these questions by utilizing our Ask Us page.  During the next few months we’ll be testing our current website structure and expanding those areas that we find as beneficial to our users.  All information will remain 100% free to read.  Also rather than just collecting data and posting articles via online research, a prime focus for the future is to create articles and perform research based upon the request of the user.  One user’s question and/or problem could result in a solution that is beneficial to many.  We would like to push our users to utilize the “Ask Us” feature.  Questions will be answered by conducting online reasearch in combination with professional opinion if needed.  Medicine, to us atleast, is an art, and Medilogy is where we express it.

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