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Medical Scans, Radiation & Cancer?

Every year thousands of Americans are diagnosed with cancer.  According to the ACS, around 1500 individuals are predicted to die from cancer on a daily basis in 2009, and the statistics have been generally accurate thus far.  One leading cause is due to the large amounts of carcinogens that society is introduced to on a [...]

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Can Breast Feeding reduce cancer?

A new study shows a link between breast-feeding and lower risk of breast cancer, among a group of young women who were at a particularly high risk due to family genetics. Many researchers have discovered that lactation helps protect against breast cancer, however, this new study did not find much of an effect for premenopausal [...]

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Green Tea & Cancer: Is there a link?

You probably thought that drinking green tea daily would help lower your chances of acquiring cancer; however, according to recent studies, you could be wrong. In a new review, researchers looked at 51 medium-to-high quality researches conducted with more than 1.6 million participants from 1985-2008 and discovered “limited” evidence to support the theory behind green [...]

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Reduce Carcinogens with Beer

Beef and red meats have always been popular meals for dad’s at their grill and five star restaurants alike, however, studies suggest that red meats and poultry contain carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).  When these meats are cooked at high temperatures amino acids, sugars, and other compounds in the [...]

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